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With all the free photo sites out there, why would you, as a designer, want to buy stock images? This is a short list of a few reasons why licensed stock ...

Stock photo agencies have different selling models, that can modify (reduce) the cost of the images you buy. Some agencies let you buy photos paying per ...

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  1. Hi Julian, thanks for your question. It all depends on the license of the stock photo agency. Most stock agencies allow derivate work when it is only for i.e. design work for a customer. You can’t derivate a photo completely and create your own artwork from it for example. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Earl, yes you can with most stock agencies.

  3. Hi Sheila, that is usually the purpose of Rights-Managed images. You request a usage for a certain medium i.e. Website and Company Flyer and then pay for it. The image should be then only licensed for this medium to you for the certain time. After the time is up (usually some years) the agency license it to someone else. Therefore it is not 100% exclusivity – more a “reservation” of an image. I hope that helps.