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Ddreamstime logoreamstime is a well-known stock photo agency, that has gained and sustained a position in the top 10 agencies in the market.

They have a large library full of high quality, Royalty Free photos, vectors and illustrations. And they are one of the few agencies that offers A Buy-Out option, letting you acquire copyright ownership and therefore exclusive usage rights over some images.

With low prices and options to buy photos on demand or with subscriptions, their offer is a good fit if you're looking to get stock photos cheap and fast.

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Dreamstime Photography

The Must-Knows in Dreamstime's Offer

Long story short, here's the key points in their service:

  • Over 46 million images, between photos, vectors and illustrations
  • Average of 300,000 new images every week
  • Variety in content: themes, styles, etc.
  • Royalty Free license: multiple usage rights, one-time fee
  • Buy The Rights license: get full ownership of an image
  • On demand buying with credits
  • Image price based in size and popularity: most downloaded images are priced higher
  • Subscriptions for large volume buying

Dreamstime Photography Categories

The Agency that Lets you Own Images

Dreamstime focuses in providing variety in content, low prices and different buying options. They have a large library to grant you will have a lot to choose from. Their prices are fairly low, but also vary depending on the way you buy: on demand with credits is cheap, but subscriptions are super cheap, taking image price down to as low as $0.20 each.

They sell Royalty Free licenses, granting you a wide range of usage rights, perpetually, for a one-time, flat fee. Pay for the license once, use the image forever. Simple and affordable.

However, they have an offer that not many agencies in their space can pair: they offer a full buy-out for images. Their Buy The Rights license basically lets you acquire full ownership of the image, the original copyright owner cedes you the rights to the file, which gets removed from anywhere where it was placed by him/her previous to your buy-out (but it remains in use by people who licensed it before you).

This way you get exclusive use of the image, as you own it. But you must know that not all images in Dreamstime's collection are available for buy-out, and that the cost of this license is significantly higher in the ones that are available. The contributor sets their own price for selling the rights to an image, but Dreamstime has a guideline that puts this price between $250 and $5000, depending on the popularity of the image.
Dreamstime Photography Pricing

Buying on Demand

Dreamstime prices their images in credits. To buy them on demand, you must buy a credit pack and then use the credits to pay for images.

Image price varies depending on file size, from XS to XL and up to Maximum available and TIFF file, but they also rank images in levels from 0 to 5, according to the number of times they have sold, and higher levels are priced higher.

Level 0 images cost from 1 credit for XS up to 6 credits for XL, 7 credits for Max size and 11 credits for TIFF file. The prices go up 2-3 credits for each level up. Level 5 images are between 11 and 20 credits.
Dreamstime Footage Credit Packs Pricing

The final cost of an image is determined by the credit pack you buy. The initial credit price is $1.09, but the larger the credit pack is, the cheapest each credit costs, getting to as low as $0.70

That way, a Level 0 XL image can cost you between $6.54 and $4.20, depending on how much you're willing to invest upfront.

Buying with Subscriptions

Dreamstime Photography Subscriptions

Dreamstime offers plans with monthly download limits, that let you download all JPG file sizes, as well as TIFF, RAW and vector files.

They have two small volume plans, one for 5 images a month for $39, and another for 10 images per month for $69.

Then they have their large volume offer, for 750 images a month. Hired monthly it's $239. That's only $0.31 per image!

But you can also hire it for 3 months, for 6 months and for a year, saving up to $100 a month, and taking image price down to as low as $0.23 each.

Low Prices, Convenient Buying Options, and Image Buy-Out

That resumes Dreamstime's service. They have great deals to buy stock photos cheap and easy, and they additionally offer the chance to buy the full ownership to images.

If you're looking for variety in content and low prices, specially if you need lots of images every month and you don't mind committing to long-term payments for a good deal, Dreamstime is a good fit for you.

Sign up for free to start browsing Dreamstime's library. And don't forget to grab our special offer to save in your downloads!

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