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Shutshutterstock-logo1terstock is one of the top stock photo agencies in the market, leading the industry with a huge library of Royalty Free images, low price points and simple and straight-forward buying system.

Back in 2003, they were responsible for introducing the stock photo subscription concept, as they launched in the microstock segment with this business model. Not long after, most of stock agencies included subscriptions in their offers as well.

In the years since, Shutterstock has consolidated as an industry leader, growing their collection to tens of millions of images, expanding into premium market and other media types like footage and audio, and keeping some of the lowest price points in the market.

To date, they are a great choice for anyone looking to buy lots of stock photos cheap, and wanting to have wide variety of content to choose from.


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Shutterstock in Brief

In short, this is what you need to know about Shutterstock's offer:

  • Over 94 million images. vectors and illustrations
  • Variety in themes and styles
  • Royalty Free licensing model: affordable, simple and with wide range of usage
  • Simple and straight-forward pricing, in USD
  • Buy on demand with image packs, getting discounts for volume
  • Subscription options to save up to hundreds of dollars in large volume purchases
  • Intelligent search engine, based in computer vision technology, to find the best and most suitable content for your needs in less time

Shutterstock: Millions of Images, Great Variety, Volume Buying

Those are the three concepts that resume Shutterstock's offer. They focus in quantity (without neglecting quality), variety, and the best prices for large volume buyers. Of course, this doesn't mean they don't have great buying options for those of you who only need a few images every now and then.

In the 13 years since their launch, their collection of stock images has growth to over 94 million files, and they are adding an average of 800,000 new images every week! With such a huge library, they ensure you will have a lot to choose from in any possible topic, subject or style you look.

All Shutterstock images are sold under a Royalty Free license, which gives you multiple usage rights, perpetually, for a one-time, flat fee. This means you only pay for the image once, and you get to use it forever, in any of all the accepted uses. And they sell these licenses at very low prices, both on demand and with their flagship product: stock photo subscriptions.

Shutterstock Photography Featured Collections

Buy On Demand with Image Packs

Shutterstock prices their images in USD, simple and straight-forward. But they don't sell images a la carte.

Instead, they offer image packs:

  • 2 images for $29
  • 5 images for $49
  • 25 images for $229

You buy the image pack that you need, and then use it download the images you want. Note that the price covers all image sizes and resolutions.

Like this, a single image would be costing you $14.50 with the smallest pack, but that price can go as low as $9.16 per image, if you're willing to pay the $229 for the largest pack upfront.


Stock Photo Subscriptions, the Solution for Large Volume Buyers

Subscriptions are Shutterstock's star offer. As we said before, they were the first company in using this selling model. And it was so successful and disrupting that most other agencies ended up adopting it.

With subscriptions, you get access to a determinated amount of downloads per month in return for a flat, periodic fee. Shutterstock's subscription plans let you save hundreds of dollars from regular image price.

All their plans are set up in monthly download limits, but you can opt for hiring the plan monthly or annually (in both cases you are billed every month). They have two volume tiers: 350 and 750 images per month.

With monthly plan:

  • 350 downloads per month are $199
  • 750 downloads per month are $249


  • 350 downloads per month are $169
  • 750 downloads per month are $199

Monthly plans take single image price down to $0.56 and $0.33. Annual plans are the cheapest of all, lowering image price to as low as $0.48 and $0.26 each!

If you were going to buy 350 images using image packs, you'd need 14 packs of 25 images each, costing you $3206… a monthly 350 images subscription saves you thousands, at only $199.

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If you're after lots great stock photos, want to have a lot to choose from in every category, and you want to save hundreds of dollars, then Shutterstock is the place to go.

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