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fotolia-by-adobe-logo-1Fotolia is a well established stock photo agency, within the top 5 agencies in the industry. With origins in Europe and further expansion into Nort America and the rest of the world, this agency's large library covers a wide range of topics and themes, and excels in European style.

Last year the company was acquired by the giant design software developer Adobe, and their collection now sources Adobe Stock, a stock photo service integrated to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

But Fotolia continues to operate as a stand-alone agency, offering wider range of buying options and prices for their Royalty Free images. You can buy on demand with credits or with download packs, and you can opt for stock photo subscriptions.

All in all, Fotolia is a good option to buy great stock photos cheap and easily.

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Fotolia Photography Categories

Highlights in Fotolia

This are the must-know points in Fotolia’s offer:

  • Over 60 million images, vectors and illustrations
  • Variety in subjects and themes
  • Predominance of European style (locations, subjects, models, topics, etc)
  • Royalty Free licenses: one-time fee, multiple usage rights
  • Multiple buying options:
    • On demand with credits
    • On demand with download packs
    • Daily subscriptions

Large Collection of Images, Multiple Buying Options

The core in Fotolia's offer is the wide range of options: they have a large library with lots of content to choose from in every topic and category, they have several buying systems, they have different price points depending on size and sales performance of the images. At Fotolia, you always have options.

Fotolia sells images under Royalty Free license. This means you pay for the image once, and you get perpetual usage rights, in a wide range of accepted uses, without ever having to pay further royalties.

Although the broad spectrum of options make their pricing and buying model a bit more complex, once you get your way around it you'll see the benefits, as they have really low prices and great quality content.

OFotolia Footage Credit Packsn Demand with Credits

Fotolia prices their images in credits. To buy images a la carte, you must first buy a credit pack, and then use those credits to purchase the images you want.

Images are priced according to size, from 1 credit for an XS photo up to 12 credits for an XXL file. There's some images at Fotolia that are priced a bit higher, between 2 and 20 credits depending on size, but that also means that they are from contributors whose images sell well, as they got to a higher level reflected in pricing.

Credit price starts at $1.12, but the credit packs reduce single credit price: the larger the pack, the less each credit costs, getting to as low as $0.60 per credit.

Like this, what you'll pay for each image depends on how much you're willing to pay upfront.

Image Packs

ImagFotolia Monthly Packse Packs are very similar to monthly subscriptions. They give you a number of downloads per month, for a fixed price. All packs give you a determinated amount of XXL sized images, or twice that amount but in M size. 

Packs go from $20 for 5 XXL/10 M all the way up to 1000 XXL/2000 M for $640, letting you save from 20% to 87%! Plus, as long as your pack is active, or if you have opted for auto-renewal, you can roll over your unused downloads to next month, assuring you won't miss out in images nor waste money.

Daily Subscriptions

Fotolia's sFotolia Subscriptionsubscription plans are designed for large volume buyers. They all give you XXL images.

They come with daily download limits. You can hire them per month, per 3 months, half-year or annually. But the download limit is set per day, gets reset from one day to the other and you cannot roll over unused downloads.

Daily subscriptions start at 25 images per day (750 images a month) at $249 per month, and goes as high as 500 images a day (15,000 a month) for $3735 monthly. This takes image price between $0.33 and $0.25 each. 

Plus, you can get between 7& and 22% off from subscription price hiring longer-term options, from 3 months to one year.

Fotolia, the Widest Options in the Market

This agency is a great choice for any buyer wanting great content, low prices, and lots of options. From image size and resolution, to buying model and single image price, you can choose among a wide range of options.

And it's particularly useful if you need hundreds, even thousands of images constantly. Their subscriptions are amongst the few in the market that provide up to 15,000 images per month, and very cheap.

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