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istocklogo300iStock (previously known as iStockphoto) is by far one of the top stock photo agencies in the industry and a very popular choice for buying Royalty Free images.

They are responsible for the microstock selling strategy, as they were the first stock photo agency launching with this business model back in 2000. Later on, they got acquired by Getty Images, the largest and most renowned stock photography agency in the world.

Their huge library, full of high-quality photos, vectors, and illustrations, includes a large selection of exclusive content, that can only be found at iStock. They have low prices, and different buying options, on-demand, and subscriptions.

With over 15 years in business, a wide offer in quality and quantity of content, added value with exclusive images, affordable prices, and backed by the uber-reliable Getty Images, iStock is a great resource to buy great Royalty Free photos.

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A Brief Introduction to iStock

Here's what you must know about iStock's offer:

  • They have over 30 million stock photos, vectors, and illustrations
  • Include over 6 million exclusive images, only available at iStock
  • They sell Royalty Free licenses: flexible, simple, and affordable
  • Theirs is simplified on-demand pricing: the same price for all file sizes, varying only from exclusive to non-exclusive
  • You can buy on-demand with credit packs: get discounts for volume purchases
  • You have various subscription plans to save up to hundreds of dollars in large volume, periodic downloads
  • It's easy to discover and search for specific content on their website, thanks to their neatly curated categories and galleries, including Signature Artist of the Month, and their advanced search engine

A very wide and complete offer, to say the least. If you're ready to buy photos at iStock, sign up for free to create your account and start purchasing great images. And don't forget to grab our special promo codes! They'll save you 15% in everything including credit packs and subscription plans (for new and existing customers)!

Get a 15% Discount on all credit packs and subscriptions. Exclusive iStock coupon code is valid only until the expiration date.

iStock's Collections: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive

The agency divides their library into two main collections: Essentials, that contains tens of millions of every day, high quality and non-exclusive images; and Signature, which englobes over 6 million higher-valued, exclusive images.

But iStock sells only Royalty Free licenses, which grants you a wide range of usage rights, with no time limit, for a one-time, flat fee. Royalty-Free doesn't provide exclusive usage rights. So Signature images' value is in the quality of the content, and the fact that they are less widely distributed, and so likely less used.

iStock Photography Categories

Buying On Demand with Credit Packs

They hiStock Credit Packsave a simple pricing structure, based in collections. The price is set for each collection and works for all image sizes and resolutions.

  • Essentials images are 1 credit each 
  • Signature images are 3 credits each

The credit price starts at $12 but goes down with larger credit packs. The larger the pack, the greater the price cut, getting to as low as $8 per credit.

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Get a 15% Discount on all credit packs and subscriptions. Exclusive iStock coupon code is valid only until the expiration date.

Stock Photo Subscriptions

Their siStock Subscriptions Priceubscriptions are tailored to different volume sizes, based on different collections, and are all monthly or annual.

Essentials subscriptions give you access to Essentials collection only. Signature subscriptions are wider, letting you download either Essentials or Signature images.

There are plans for 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 images a month, for each of the options, when hired monthly. And there are 50, 100 and 750 downloads a month plans for annual subscriptions.

Monthly subscriptions can take image price down to as low as $0.80 for Essentials and $1.60 for Signature. The annual plans have the cheapest per-image prices, as low as $0.22 for Essentials and $0.44 for Signature!

Plus, with an annual subscription, or by enabling auto-renew in monthly plans, you get to roll over up to 250 unused downloads to the next month's allowance, ensuring you won't miss out in downloads and you won't lose money.

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Get a 15% Discount on all credit packs and subscriptions. Exclusive iStock coupon code is valid only until the expiration date.

iStock Promo Code 2020

As you can see, iStock has a lot to offer in terms of content, license type, and pricing, and they are a solid, reliable company.

If you're looking for high quality, exclusive, and low-priced images, this is the agency for you.

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